Reduce handling of bales and maintain output…

Improving productivity is often a conversational point for many people running an agricultural business.

Keeping costs down is important to your bottom line, while there is a need to keep your productivity up.

ACF Equipment Suppliers proudly supply Arcusin Bale Handling Equipment for this reason, it is a quality product that only requires one operator and maintains maximum output due to reduced handling of bales.

Pictured here the Auto Stack is an automatic bale loader that picks up the bales where they lie in the paddock, transports and stacks them, eliminating the need for a telehandler, tractor, bale grabs , trucks & lots of labour

Arcusin’s other product the Multi-Pack is suitable for picking up small bales as they lie in the paddock, compacting them into a pack for ease of transport & storage.

To find out how you can improve your productivity in bale handling, call ACF today 1300 477 386 to speak to a bale handling specialist.


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