Feedback from Arcusin Bale Handling Demonstrations

Customers had the opportunity to attend demonstrations of Arcusin’s bale handling equipment in key hay locations around New South Wales and Victoria in late August to early September 2017. The demonstrations formed part of the annual bale handling road trip.

James Fitzpatrick, from ACF Equipment Suppliers, distributor for Australia, was also accompanied by tech support representative Salvador and Sales representative Xavier from the Arcusin factory in Spain.

Demonstration of the Arcusin Multi-pack C14 took place in Forbes, Shepparton & Elmore areas. Small bale producers were able to witness the Multi-pack produce a pack of up to 14 small square bales. Customer were also able to see the compaction of the bale packs and ease of transport and storage with trailer loading specifications also new for 2017.

An Arcusin Auto stack FSX was also demonstrated at Horsham, providing solutions of handling large square bales more efficiently. The Auto Stack, only requiring one operator, features easy and safe unloading, whilst producing a neat stack of bales. One spectator commented “It’s incredible what these units can do”.

The demonstrations illustrated to customers the potential to move bales off the field 75% faster than traditional processes and equipment. There is less handling of bales and reduced risk of contamination of the product. Arcusin equipment reduces labour costs and can provide savings of both time and money. ACF director, Mr Fitzpatrick reported “Customers find it attractive to have a quality, affordable piece of equipment in their operation that offers maximum productivity due to the process of only handling the bale once”.

ACF Penrith, has Arcusin Auto Stack XP, FSX & Multi-pack C14 units available for this season. ACF support the product with tech support and spare parts assistance throughout the year with enhanced contact with factory tech support during harvest season. Visit for more information or call 1300 477 386

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