Ease of transport & storage of Multi-pack bale packs

During our recent demonstration in Forbes, NSW of the Arcusin Multi-pack C14, we were able to demonstrate to customers the potential of ease of transport.

The bale packs were made on site using the Multi-pack C14. Due to the unit producing such a neat and tight pack, the bale packs can be arranged onto a truck or trailer and transported.

Pictured here is a flat bed truck 2450mm wide with bale packs loaded (bale lengths 85cms long). The bale packs can be loaded with conventional attachments such as of 10 or 15 hydraulic bale grab, standard pallet forks, hay spears or forklift.

ACF equipment suppliers have loaded the trailer loading specifications on its website illustrating different ways to load the bale packs on a trailer.

Please contact ACF for further information Ph: 1300 477 386

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