What to consider when buying an excavator mulcher?

ACF talk to many customers about their forestry & construction needs. Often customer have an excavator and are looking at the option to purchase a mulcher to suit.

Supplying FAE excavators mulchers to many previous customers, we know just what our customers need to consider when thinking about putting a mulcher attachment on their excavator.

What to consider when buying an excavator mulcher…

– What type of material do you want to process?
– What type of work will you be doing?
– What type of excavator do you want to fit the mulcher on?
– Hydraulic flow & pressure of your excavator?
– What type of conditions/terrain will you be working in?
– What is your desired outcome, what are trying to achieve?
– What is your budget for a mulcher?
– Quantity of work?

ACF Equipment SuppliersĀ has an experienced FAE product specialist to assist you with excavator mulchers.
Phone today 1300 477 386 for a free phone consult.
Browse excavators models: http://www.acfpenrith.com.au/product-category/fae-attachments/excavator/

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