Bale Stacker: Arcusin Multi Pack C14 bundles hay into convenient packages

A BALE stacker capable of bundling together 14 small square bales was demonstrated in Shepparton recently.

The Arcusin Multi Pack C14 is not new and has returned to Australia after a short absence, revitalised under NSW importer ACF Equipment Suppliers.

It’s expected to catch the interest of hay contractors looking to package bales to sell to small farmers and equestrian enthusiasts.

The machine collects bales via a chute on the left side of the machine and pushes them up into a chamber where they’re held in place by a hydraulic ram.

Once the stacker reaches capacity, the bales are knotted together using a mechanism which is very similar to square balers.

The bales are then ejected as one bundle ready to be picked up.

Capacity is determined by a choice of chamber heights which can accommodate from six to 14 bales.

Each bale is caught on a spiked chain conveyor that pulls it up into the machine where a ram pushes it into the chamber.

A sensor on the conveyor prevents bales from overloading the unit that can be pulled behind a minimum 50hp tractor.

Arcusin is a Spanish brand and ACF Equipment’s James Fitzpatrick said its quality and strength of components was what attracted him to it.

“I looked at two other brands but these are made very tough and I thought that would suit Australian conditions,” he said.

His timing was good with hay equipment in hot demand and he said he had sold 14 units this year.

During the demonstration at Shepparton a technician spent some time setting the hydraulic pressures, which Mr Fitzpatrick said could take up to six hours.

He said it was important to get the correct hydraulic pressures for the different processes to ensure smooth operation.

“Each farm has different crop and it’s important to get the settings right to get the right density in the bale stack,” he said.

One interested contractor at the demonstration said he could see potential in the machine for those wanting to create bale bundles to fit in the back of a ute or box trailer.

The ability to handle multiple bales contained in the one bundle was another attractive feature.

The Multi Pack C14 weighs 2982kg, has a 600kg payload and is 4580mm long (without drawbar).

For details, visit the ACF Penrith website.

arcusin multi pack C14 bale packer   arcusin bale packer

Photo Credit: ACF Equipment Suppliers

Article Credit: JUSTIN LAW, The Weekly Times

December 15, 2016 12:00am


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