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A range of European bale handlers has been re-launched in the Australian market landing in time for coming hay season.

Now distributed by Penrith based, ACF Equipment Suppliers, the Spanish made Arcusin bale handling equipment ranges from basic to fully automatic models providing a range of options for farmers and contractors.

ACF said the Arcusin bale handling equipment is designed to integrate with daily operations, maximise productivity and reduce operating costs.

ACF director James Fitzpatrick said the Spanish brand, had more than 40 years’ experience in the bale handling sector and was one of the most professional products in the industry.

He said Arcusin products had exposure in Australia from the previous distributor and had performed well..

“We have also spoken to customers about what we needed to do to improve the product before we started bringing them in.

“We feel we have the product mix right,” he said.

“Every time you handle a bale it is a cost so if you can get a product to collect, transport and stack it, you are in front compared to traditionally using a loader and a truck to load and unload,” Mr Fitzpatrick said.

With a wet season expected, he said a lot of farmers would be concerned about getting bales off the paddock as fast as possible.

The machines suit farmers doing 5000 big bales upward and new stock was arriving now.

ACF Equipment Suppliers stock four models: the Multipack C14, Auto Stack XP, Auto Stack FSX and the ForStack.

Arcusin’s automatic bale loader, the Auto Stack, comes in two model variations with differing capacities.


The unit is PTO operated, and the trailer has a sensor which detects and collects bales  without the need to turn them and the floating system allows for single turn pick up.

ACF Equipment Suppliers can also supply the Auto Stack models with terrain adaptability features as all are equipped with flotation tyres and auto steer adding to stability and reducing paddock compaction.

Arcusin products produce a neater, tighter stack and the adjustable compaction also allows users to pack at different moisture levels, delivering high compaction and increasing the storage life.

Bales are stacked vertically, and can be moved around paddocks or hay sheds with the one piece of equipment.


The Multipack C14 Bale Packer, binds 120 centimetre small bales in 14 bale packs making the  large parcel easy to pick-up and transport.

ACF said customers report a tighter bale, with the bale integrity remaining intact.

The compact, PTO operated unit offers an uninterrupted cycle with four knotted binding lines.

The bale packs can also be collected by Arcusin’s Auto Stack XP & FSX models.


Arusin’s ForStack is a bale accumulator and operates with bales up to 2600 x 1200 x 1200mm, collecting and stacking up to five bales in the field.

It is ideal to use in conjunction with the baler, and offers two modes – Accumulator mode, allowing the operator deciding where to stack, and Dispersed mode, which randomly stacks in the field.

ACF Director James Fitzpatrick, said the Arcusin products are easy to operate and the uncomplicated design adds to their speed and efficiency.

He said ACF would look to demonstrate the machines where possible across key hay regions.

“We’ll target certain areas where farmers had bought units this year with demonstrations on-farm to allow customers to drive and test them and understand their operation.”

He said he was  “enthusiastic about the bale handling solutions, which will make a real difference to agricultural operations”.


ACF amalgamates years of agricultural experience and provides full after sales support and spare parts for the Arcusin range.

See Arcusin product pages or phone us for more information.

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