Arcusin Auto Stack Demonstration 2017 in Horsham

How Spectacular! The Auto Stack FSX Automatic bale handler pictured unloading bales.

The Arcusin Auto Stack FSX performed well at the recent demonstration at Horsham, Victoria on the 4 September 2017.

Customers were given the opportunity to see the Auto Stack FSX working, collecting bales as the lie in the paddock and being unloaded.

The Auto Stack is a very efficient way to move bales off the paddock, with reduced handling costs.

The annual road trip incorporates demonstrations in key hay areas around Australia.

ACF equipment suppliers accept expressions of interest all year around, for demonstrations.

Arcusin Auto Stackers are supplied in two models XP & FSX. This FSX model features an extendable platform for greater bale capacity.

ACF distribute Arcusin products for Australia, please contact us for more information phone 1300 477 386.

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